Siddharth (Sid) Jha

I am a third-year undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

I am interested in computer systems and learning methods. Currently I work in Matei Zaharia's group in Sky Lab and Kurt Keutzer's group in BAIR. In the past I am fortunate to have worked with Alvin Cheung. I have been a head teaching assistant for Databases and a teaching assistant for Computer Architecture. I have interned (or will be) at NVIDIA, Databricks, YugabyteDB, and Pure Storage.

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Selected Work
Learned Best-Effort LLM Serving
Siddharth Jha, Coleman Hooper, Xiaoxuan Liu, Sehoon Kim, Kurt Keutzer
arXiv, 2024
An Evaluation of Memory Optimization Methods for Training Neural Networks
Xiaoxuan Liu, Siddharth Jha, Alvin Cheung
arXiv, 2023
Leveraging Application Data Constraints to Optimize Database-Backed Web Applications
Xiaoxuan Liu, Shuxian Wang, Mengzhu Sun, Sicheng Pan, Ge Li, Siddharth Jha, Cong Yan, Junwen Yang, Shan Lu, Alvin Cheung
VLDB, 2023

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